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The open road is full of possibilities — unfortunately not always positive ones.

Dealing with breakdowns — and the service providers you don’t know when you’re far from home — is, unfortunately, one of those possibilities.

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Outdoor Warranty provides coverage that will be your “Plan B” if you end up having an “adventure.” Our Extended Warranties will cover the hefty repair costs and help you get the wheels rolling again.

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Roadside Assistance

It’s easy to picture the scene: you’re standing on the side of the road, hands on hips, looking at your recreational vehicle that — for whatever reason — has decided to stop moving.

For dramatic effect, you can even throw in a thunderstorm on the horizon and vultures circling overhead.

But you don’t have to be all alone in this scene. With our Roadside Assistance plans, Outdoor Warranty will have your back.

Towing coverage, emergency deliveries, trip reimbursements, tire changes, lodging, emergency transportation, and other roadside benefits are all part of our extended plans.

Not to mention our friendly voice on the other end of the phone when you’re having a really bad day on the road.

Tire and Wheel Protection

Hey, flat tires happen. Bent rims too. Even if you have a brand new recreational vehicle still under the manufacture’s warranty, debris and potholes still happen.

Make sure you’re ready for any such bad luck with one of Outdoor Warranty’s Tire and Wheel Protection plans. Get a blown tire or rim replaced or repaired.

Get back on the road where you want to be, safely and quickly.

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